I’m Just Sayin’

So here I am 50 years old, separated for the last two years from my husband of 15 years, who just “needs a little space”. What exactly is that? A little space, please! I’d like the winning lottery ticket, but that wasn’t something that was going to happen. Heck, I didn’t hear that as an option in the wedding vows. I can just see it now if that could be an option; the new vows would go something like “till death do you part or you need a little space”. Well that’s ok, life is moving on, and we’re still friends and Bless his heart, he gives me endless sources of amusement. As a matter of fact, men in general, bring me an endless source of amusement. Bless their hearts, they are all boys in grown up bodies. We would definitely not be the same without them. Sometimes I wonder though….I’m just sayin’

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