Starting Over (all over, again) Oy Vey!

Five years ago when my husband decided that he needed “a little space”, little did I know that it would become a permanent “space” that he needed and I would be a divorced, middle-aged grandma with more closet space, but no husband to go with it. To top that off I was laid off from my job and unable to find full-time or even part-time employment.

However, I have a deep abiding faith that our Lord always has a plan for me, even though I may not be on his need to know list.

So, true to His word, and His timing, Last fall He made it possible for me to be available to be of help to my Mother who is now in her 80’s and living in her own home in Colorado. She’s becoming more disabled as she ages and unable to navigate the stairs in her home. I am now living alone in my ranch style house in Texas (no stairs, yea!)

So, with me being unencumbered with the everyday drudgery of having to be gainfully employed (and actually having money coming in) I loaded up my puppies (ok they are older dogs to everyone else but will always be puppies to me) and headed to Denver to help Mom with packing the stuff she was going to bring with her to her new home with the boys (better known as the puppies) and I. Next was the hard part, talking her into letting the rest go, I will do a follow up post on that.

Back to this being a God thing, so I got Mom moved in with me and continued to try to find a job with no luck, (I have wonderful and really nice rejection letters though) when Mom made a comment one day while I was surfing job sites that really struck a cord with me; she said “isn’t it fortunate that God made it possible for you to be unemployed at this time so that you could help me not only move here, but help me get settled in and make our home so nice with all of the changes you’ve done to make it safe for me”. She also mentioned that she wished that I wouldn’t stress so much over money when her pension was plenty to pay the bills. Up until that point, I had not even thought about any of that, all I could think about was that I had to hurry up and get things done, so I could get that job that was paying what I had been making previously, so I could live up to societies standards of what I “should” be doing instead of what I “want” to be doing. It was like a giant Gibbs slap upside the head.

So I stopped applying for jobs that day! OMG, it was so freeing! WOW, what a relief! Instead, I started doing what I really love to do, but now I am getting paid for it. Now granted it is not enough to support a family on, but it is enough to keep me doing what I want to do, and shoe shopping and eating out or whatever; but most of all I get to spend time with those that I love including my Mom who I just adore, which was the whole point of getting her here, wasn’t it? 

So what has God done to you to get your attention?

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