When is fat, Fat?

After several years now of being on my own, and realizing that I will most likely be that way for(ever) a good long time and I’m am okay with it; I stopped caring about those pesky extra 20 pounds that keep coming back no matter what diet I do to get rid of them. Just like those rebounding kids that seem to always find their way home no matter how far away you send them to college, they just keep coming back. But I digress… Those extra pounds don’t bother me really, I’m used to them, heck they’ve hung around with me long enough. I’ve seen them come and go five or six times in my life so now they are here and I thought what the hey, they are not effecting my health so why should I care.

But here is the rub, suddenly, as in recently, I have had complete strangers refer to me as a “Big Girl” as in quote “You know what it’s like you’re a Big Girl, you need the extra room”. What the what?!? Now yes, I am tall for a woman, I am 5′ 7″ but I feel that helps me carry the extra weight that granted I should not be carrying but for some reason keeps coming back. And for those of you who are curious I am not some willowy model type at 5′ 7″, I come from very sturdy farm stock type people, so I don’t think that my 180 lbs. looks too disproportionate to my frame. Heavy, yes definitely, disproportionate, I didn’t use to think so. So when something similar happened within two days of the first occurrence, it really made me start to look at myself differently. THAT bothered me, why was I letting what other people think bother me? I never have in the past. As a matter of fact, I have always adopted the philosophy that what others thought of me was none of my business. Now here I am at 54 years old and I suddenly care what complete strangers think? What is this high school? I think I need to get a grip!

So what do you think…do you care what others think? Also, when is fat, Fat?

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